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tv   Egypts Squash Champions  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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it will be upon the man who defeated in the still foot in my brigade my seat is a federal ministry said i would get my seat and let's have an election again this is a lot of bluster if a lot of economists from some economy is going through a difficult adjustment period the i.m.f. team is here i know and they've said the economy is on the bright fractal stabilisation it's coming from a very very difficult situation and it's starting to improve so that's the international view about what's happening in parts of the economy which is dramatically at all of the me but that doesn't change the view that it is on the ground in the streets and a lot of people are very inflation is really high so people are job business is great as time so the promises that you made of creating dogs houses restarting the economy that so far has not been delivered saw so what we do is we track what is going on in the in the in the public opinion sphere and it's not us who is doing it it is different agencies the research on the economy there are 2 things that come to one people a body that is inflation that is no doubt about it and that is a slowing down of the economy 2nd or vent mainly pakistanis nearly 2 thirds of all
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bikes on these believe that the problems that we are facing right now the difficult situation that we're facing right now is that is out of the mistakes made by the last government and business government is trying to now improve the situation when you go through a stabilization program after a crisis you go through some pain and that's what you're seeing very not but as i said even the international agencies are saying we're starting to move in that i did actually let's come back to the protest people have drawn tyrants between what's happening in the middle east and you send the prime minister should do what the lebanese prime minister did and resigned and we've heard really big claims from them just heard yesterday saying that people can go to the prime minister's house and force a resignation and we have also heard from the other side calling them fiefs and saying that all day all they need is a few permits for diesel. is it that we've abruptly come away from that really interesting interview as some of binge of a there correspondent talking to a very senior figure in pakistan about that own growing movement which is building
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up in islamabad and these calls for prime minister. to resign nevertheless we move on still to come there's a seismic shift in britain as the government holds on fracking but the question is how long. hello it's still hard to argue the northeast monsoons come in the cross east in asia the nuff clouds to generate showers in the west of china has been sufficient significant rain recently in her and then in the forecast there's not much there's been a green as you see which represents showers and still what looks like a line of plaid it represents some sort of frontal system but the active real active weather is further south and hitting the coast of vietnam temperatures don't
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that low in hong kong or $29.00 the still $22.00 in shanghai it's not going to feel like winter just yet equally the monsoon rains in india their longevity they have goal are still actually the law is to roughly here is generating once more a potential for tropical rain that's falling out of what is the remains of the monsoon rain really is not much to buy i mean for 6 millimeters in the low but it should be happening in by this that's in a very wet season and this is what's brought to the flooding or is now adding to the flooding in somalia in the horn of africa so for india for pakistan and bangladesh the larger drug picture right in the far south and carola and in sri lanka this circulation here is likely to stay where it is but it's throwing off farms of rain as far north as goes or at. don't deal with poverty unless you deal with the gap you disappear why just agree
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with that toy it sounds like you've been laming the public become a treat for the current knowledge really mean anybody these people are well trained much of the islamic state machinery and the very marginal populace that alters you to join me many are some as i put it up from questions to my special guest and challenge them to some straight talking political debate. al-jazeera. tarvaris is a kind of the top stories here of al-jazeera again take gas has been fired in hong kong as thousands of people demonstrated for the 22nd straight week and a large crowd was stopped from entering
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a park where an anti-government gathering was planned the demonstrations of grain of the past 5 months mainly over what is perceived to be china's increasing influence over the territory. at least $53.00 soldiers and one civilian have been killed in an attack on a military base in northeastern mali was carried out on an outpost in the menaka region. rights activists say more than 120 people have been injured in iraq some city of basra as security forces broke up a protest camp protest as a been blocking the entrance to a port and several power field. the anti-government demonstrations in lebanon meanwhile they've come down somewhat on friday the banks opened for the 1st time in 2 weeks but there are some restrictions on foreign currency transactions the schools and the universe's they've also reopened their doors. the commander in chief of iran's influence the revolutionary guards he's made a very good reference
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a veiled reference to the protests major general who's saying some seem to be hitting back at criticism over iran's influence in both iraq and lebanon you know if. iran does not have an eye on any country we will extend our power to the point that if any enemy wants to use a location to attack iran we will destroy that location so our reaches beyond our own borders meaning that we will extend our area of power to anywhere our enemies intends to plot against us we have achieved this power. from our correspondent in the arabian capital door. major general hussein's how we iterated iran's position that they will continue to defend their interests in the middle east he said that iran will not shy away from protecting its interests in the neighboring countries hinting at the fact that the events that have been unfolding in syria lebanon and iraq is something that has been instigated by foreign powers mainly the united
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states and iran will not stand for it that they will defend their own interests in those countries the major general also announced that iran has now got more than enough missiles in its stockpile to defend its interests anywhere in the region and that they are ready and able and willing to defend themselves the events that he was speaking at is the upcoming 40th anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover by university students on november 4th 1979 which led to the relations between iran and the united states being severed at that point the rain ians have now unveiled a series of new murals outside this building which is now a museum the murals really reiterate the position and the relationship between iran and the united states and how strained they have been over the past few years. in north eastern afghanistan 8 children have been killed by a roadside bomb they were aged between 10 and 15 it happened in the province of
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takar no one has yet claimed responsibility though this is the area that seen frequent fighting between the taliban and government forces in recent months. the people in the southern philippines are still struggling to recover from 4 large earthquakes within the space of a few weeks jimmy graham reports on a growing humanitarian crisis in the mindanao region. many to some below one is desperate she has lost her home her farm and was forced to move to this evacuation center with her family where the earthquake struck north took about a province i mean. my children's future is destroyed we've lost our home look at the rich situation here now this is all what we managed to save my daughter and granddaughter are sick thank you almost 20000 people have been displaced since
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a series of earthquakes struck many areas of the southern mindanao region last month there are over a 1000 families in this evacuation and the situation a similar story about the. place for days there and the situation is dire a short supply of water and food is running out. why now. these people are keen to hear about their village and whether they can return and retrieve any belongings but they're told not yet so for now this evacuation center will have to do. in the town of maki the situation is worse aid is harder to come by and many people are hungry homeless and traumatized like hagin a single mother of 6 she tells us they are lucky to be able to eat twice
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a day no i said. i don't know where to begin we don't have anything to eat no place to sleep it is harder for my children parents like hagin are keeping their children close they see the aftershocks are strong and they have to stay vigilant. today is all souls' day and people usually come to cemeteries to remember the dead but not this year for many there is no time to grieve because they're too concerned about how to survive jim duggan al jazeera northcott about a province central philippines. that fracking in the u.k. has been halted for now at least due to the disruption in the potential damage it could call through earth travelers the government's announcement just weeks away from an election could win support for the governing conservative party in areas where fracking was planned the main opposition labor party had dismissed the move
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said it was a an election stunt and questioned how long the stoppage would last well fracking is a technique that taps into oil and gas reserves by turning the drill horizontally and going hundreds of meters into a shell formation the casing of the well isn't punctured with explosives and a mixture of water sand and chemicals is forced through at high pressure this breaks apart the shale rock and creates pathways for the oil and gas to flow into the well but we've been speaking to jamie pieces about the fracking holter he's a an anti fossil fuel campaigner with friends of the u.k. or we are delighted and i've been on the phone all morning with friends non-teacher his face these earthquakes and fought this and this race is over 8 years and they fought through force of the government to make it out and the government is not just decided they decided because of the size of rising from the grassroots across
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the country and it truly is a testament to their hard work and passion to stop us scandalous and this recently can open a group of friends of theirs and. account dinners across the country were always going to push for a complete ban in front and not just an ngo and across the world and not here not anywhere is the motto you're right it's not up as salute him moment to celebrate so many people's lives have been taken over by the us industry the past few years and it felt unthinkable even a year ago that would be a stage we were talking about moratoriums but less in our frock and bad when you came to bonn or not. brazilian police have blamed a greek ship for an oil spill that's damaged thousands of kilometers of the country's coastline prosecutors say the ship loaded its cargo in venezuela before it began to leak all began washing up 2 months ago. papuans in
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australia calling on the government to speak out against recent violence in the lead in the xeon province that they fled dozens of people have been killed there since mid september and in these years government has banned foreign journalists and diplomats from going there to help focus attention exiled papuans have put together a book and an album describing a previous massacre andrew thomas reports. the song commemorates massacre one. survived in 1908 hundreds of papuans gathered around independence like people had raised above the water tower at the highest point on that part of papua they called for an end to what they considered in an easier occupation a new book and digital album of written testimony pictures music and animation describes what happened next. the
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flag flew for 4 days before indonesian troops took it down brutally this recent video shows a bullet hole in the water tower saw more than 100 people scaling why. we wanted to come up with something that was real at a really strong melanesian sound. so it was artistically strong culturally strong and politically strong as well. we see. the aim is a formal investigation into the p.f. massacre in 2015 indonesia's government did set one up into it and other human rights violations in papua but by late 216 the investigation had stalled. a team to collect. evidence from the police from the local military command from the national commission on human rights from the attorney general's office but it
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stopped right there there was no more progress after august 2016. these human rights violations happened a long time ago but the president does care but because it's such an old case opening the documents is complicated but president is paying attention and we want a future where human rights violations won't happen again. but the release of the album and book comes just as violence in papua has spiked once again behind this music wanted to draw attention to a past atrocity but also to what's happening now. dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks in violence which began with protests against racism but which as in the past developed into calls for independence from indonesia president joko widodo says he is ready to meet pro independence leaders in papua to resolve
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the crisis but it's unclear whether independence itself will be up for discussion. in the meantime papuans in exile hope that in part through music they can help keep attention focused on the province they fled andrew thomas al-jazeera the. a cave in thailand has reopened a year after young footballers and their coach were rescued after it flooded about 2000 people lined up to get a look at the entrance of the cave complex which stretches several kilometers into the side of a mountain the 12 or as i and the coach were trapped for 18 days. that's africa one the 3rd rugby world cup beating england 32 to 12 in japan their victory over the favorites sent fans around the world every thing in celebration race reports from your. england and south africa were meeting in
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a world cup final for the 2nd time in history but this time the weight of expectation was on an england team who would blown away the all blacks in the semi . there was to be none of the electricity of that display in the early exchanges here england losing col sinclair to an injury in just the 2nd minute of the game. south africa pressed home their advantage with a forward display that kept. the boot of 100th part giving them a 126 halftime lead i despite the 2 world cup crown so far south africa had never scored a try in a final. but that's all changed late in the 2nd half england still in with a fighting chance before they were floored by. one of the 11 black players in a springbok squad that has previously struggle to move on from its all white past. his opposite winches lynn colby made sure of the highest margin of victory in a final since australia beat france all the way back in 1999 south africa winning
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32 to 12. their 1st ever black captain see it lifting the trophy in yokohama repeating the feat of francois pienaar in 1995 and graeme smit in 2007. will be coming difficulties if it recedes and we could give you the one both wanted to achieve i really hope that we've done that to start the cup to show that we can pull together in the world when we achieve certain south africa courage russy erasmus has a masterminded a huge turnaround for the springbok side and disarray when he took over last year they're now world champions i once again and this time it's a team that people from across south africa can truly call are in the whole race al-jazeera.
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catch up with the top stories here police in hong kong have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse thousands of people it's been out protesting for a 22nd straight week and some protests are 3 burning objects into the raids to keep the police away the prominent activist just had called for 100000 people to turn out the protests began over proposed changes to extradition laws which has since been scrapped. to be a good pal and has more from hong kong. this is exactly what the police did not want they cleared this area hours ago from protesters using tear gas and pepper say spray sending protesters dispersing they ended up in the heart of prime constancia district setting up barricades there once again taking over the streets since then police have again fired tear gas arrested people but the protesters have come back here this has been the scene of most weekends this is how the protesters have been
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operating for at least $53.00 soldiers and the civilian have been killed in an attack on a military base in northeast somali it was carried out on an outpost in the region in a sign of worsening violence it's just a month since dozens of soldiers died in twin attacks on army bases near the border with kenya faster rights activists say more than 120 people have been injured in iraq from the city of basra as security forces broke up a protest camp the protesters said been blocking the entrance to a port and several ophuls and they've also gathered in the city center hundreds of people have gathered in the gaza strip for the funeral of a palestinian man who was killed by an israeli airstrike amid al-shehri died in the early hours of saturday morning after israel launched air strikes into gaza the military said it was targeting sites linked to hamas the group that controls gaza israel says 10 rockets were fired from gaza late on friday night right you have to
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say those are the very latest headlines coming up next here at al-jazeera is upfront counting the cost of health care special u.s. insurers of failing patients of the world's richest countries and one of the poorest nations with health services on the brink of collapse but can the u.n. hit its goal of universal health care for 2030 counting the cost on al-jazeera. as house democrats move yet another step closer to impeaching donald trump does the u.s. president have any credible defense left i'll ask one of his closest allies the conservative media mogul who's been dubbed the trump whisperer. i met the hot sun also on the show i will back row by daddy's vicious leadership of
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ice came to an end when he was killed in a u.s. raid last weekend so is this the beginning of the end for eisel or will the ultra violent groups survive its leaders demise that's our debate but 1st with a flurry of damning testimonies in an impeachment resolution clearing the house this week democrats in congress just turned up the pressure on donald trump is there any defense though of trump's now notorious phone call to the president of ukraine in which he asked him to dig up dirt on joe biden chris ruddy is c.e.o. of conservative news outlet news about and he's such a close friend of the president that he's become known as the trump whisperer and he says the whole impeachment process is a giant diversion this week's headlines from florida chris rock. chris robbie thank you for joining me on up front you're a close friend of donald trump you speak to him quite regularly how's trump doing right now as he gets closer and closer to becoming only the 3rd u.s.
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president to be impeached judging from his twitter feed he seems to be cracking under the pressure. i don't see that at all i think that the president is a guy that likes to tell you what he thinks and how he feels and he's been tweeting quite a bit for several years now so i wouldn't read into any any new tweets that he's doing i think he likes this is a guy that likes to walk on fire he can walk on fire and not even feel it he thrives on battle he thrives on these political controversies he's wired differently than the most of us i always say i think we can you know there's a fire is definitely what is it really is a fire well you know most of us if we see a fire we flee from it if we see a fight we flee from it he wants to run to it he likes to address problems or tackle problems or or confront issues not the style that maybe you and i have but it works for him and it's been very successful over
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a long period for him you say not to read much into his tweets just this week he tweeted about the impeachment hoax in capital letters which sounded very stable what was the last thing the president said to you about impeachment when you last spoke to him. well i don't discuss what the president tells me in private conversations but i can tell you that we both agree that the impeachment was a political act that this was started because the democrats are a year away from election they really have no candidate they can defeat him there's only a year left they have no evidence of a criminal act here none but of course impeachment is not about loral criminality it is a political act to begin with and you say there's no candidate who can beat him all the polls show that all of the major democratic candidates would beat him in an election tomorrow back in september 2 days after the impeachment inquiry was announced you said quote i think nancy pelosi is the smartest person in washington right now you said quote you're not sure this white house is prepared for this and
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that trump is being dismissive of the whole process why why is he taking it seriously given you've also described this process as quote a mortal threat and grave danger to his presidency i can't speak for donald trump but i don't want to presume even though we've been friends for a long time i don't want to presume that i'm here today speaking on his behalf i can only speak on behalf of chris ruddy newsmax the company i represent and i really think he's not taking it seriously. well i think he believes that the best way to deal with this is how he's dealt with other controversies to be very reactive and to comment and respond every time there's a criticism with him doing it and he's had quite a bit of success doing that in the behind i think it's a mistake this is in this in this particular case you think it's a mistake really from your comment right because it is sort of like before you've been alleged to have committed something now you're actually on trial you know
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there's an old saying that you should never be your own lawyer and that you'd be a fool to be your own lawyer and i think there's a case here that and i think the president's gotten a lot of bad legal advice from from a number of people in fact if you look at this ukrainian thing a lot of it starts because his legal counsel at the time rudy giuliani told him to push this issue of corruption investigating the button so it came from his lawyer. and i think that you know the president didn't dream this up himself and now we're dealing with this is a major political controversy and now an impeachment issue let me just ask it is according to a poll this week only 7 percent of american adults think it's ok to ask a foreign government for help with a u.s. presidential campaign are you one of them chris reddy i believe that it's inappropriate we should not be asking foreign governments to be involved in any political campaign or anything related to a political campaign so when donald trump does that do you think it's inappropriate
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that he doesn't. absolutely disagree now i do believe that as the chief law enforcement officer in the nation he can make a request like that i also believe that it's not a criminal act while i disagree with it and i think it's inappropriate or not proper as some people have testified on i agree that it's not proper and was a mistake but i don't think it's a criminal act and i don't think it's an impeachable you know how alan dershowitz a very famous liberal has said we don't impeach people for political since you know many winced and not many would dispute the dershowitz liberal label and he's been a trump defender on fox news for obama just kal come back to the impeachable vs criminal act in a moment just on the phone call the democrats are focusing their impeachment inquiry on this crucial july phone call between donald trump and the president of ukraine but was the call in which according to the white house's own call summary the ukrainian president asked for military aid and trump replied quote i would like you to do us a favor though and he then went on to ask ukrainian president to quote look into
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former vice president joe biden and his son trump says that phone call was quote perfect do you think it was perfect. i don't think anything said in that call was criminal or impeachable i would disagree with the assessment that it was perfect what was wrong with it but it's his assessment and he's allowed to make his assess in your view what was wrong i per my view on this is and it's always been the same i believe that you should never investigate someone lois's an evidence of a crime that's the due process legal system we operate under i believe it was very wrong and unjustified for there be a 2 year political investigation of the president on russia because an allegation was made i said it at the time that this was an allegation in search of a crime and that's not the way the system should work the president was victimized by this now he is saying hey they went investigated me why can't i investigate them when i think there is something fishy going on in the ukraine but what do you think
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i don't know this whole any evidence i'm just asking what do you think was wrong with the call you say it wasn't perfect what was wrong with it i think i think that joe biden's name should have never been raised in the call why. because he's a political opponent of the president he's running for office what's wrong with no evidence and as i said as i said there's no evidence that the bidens committed a crime it's unusual that his son would be running on the border been of gas coming out a lot of famous people have family members on board including you would have to like start investing you'd still have to start investigating half the congress. so my view on the president is this is a guy that's done an a plus job running the economy of the domestic side he's done a fantastic job on foreign policy in a lot of areas i think the report card is is yet to be completed but it's very good ok but just about to call just come out to the call i appreciate you're at my his record on other issues just on the call well you say what you say because it plays
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into everything else yes but bill clinton had a very good other domestic record in many ways didn't stop people in peace he did let me just ask you that to him from being a quick on that being calculated whether you commit a crime or not is irrelevant to the impeachment process but in terms of it being an impeachable offense a high crime or misdemeanor well we'll tell you it is because bill tell you that the u.s. ambassador to ukraine said last week contest to be the congress he thought it was totally inappropriate to tie the 2 things together he said it was crazy to make us military dependent on the presidential campaign the national security council's colonel alexander vinland said this week in what many describe as damning testimony he thought it was inappropriate how is that not an impeachable offense when his own people are saying that they thought this was the wrong thing to do to use the power of the presidency to help your own personal presidential campaign if that's not impeachable what is colonel vin min said that he felt the president did not act properly he never said that he acted illegally or criminally not a battle criminal that i wanted to jump in here we agree we don't know what i was
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trying to get away with you going to let him out of the crime i'm sorry to break this to impeachment has nothing to do with your being a criminal a felt kind of makes that earlier in the year and the competition's very clear that it does not require a criminal offense to be impeached in fact gerald ford once said a high crime and misdemeanor is. whatever the house defines it as well you know i hate to break the news to you but the ultimate jurors are the american public and they expect i believe and then the whole of the house of representatives is voting there's there is if you go across the country there's not broad based support for this impeachment more americans than not gris supported moving him from office just on the basis and then supports the argument that is but let's go back to colonel vin yes he said that it was he never said the president committed crime embassador taylor never spoke to the president he's saying that he was told by other officials who is a quid pro quo the president has denied that he ever withheld the aid in demand for this now i get you bill taylor is saying that he heard from other people that said the president may have wanted this sort of not that's for congress to investigate
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that's for the legal authorities to investigate. and i do think that would be very serious if that happen the president has said he did not require just to be clear let me clear chris for your perspective you believe that unless the president's committed a crime broken federal law he cannot be impeached that's your view. i believe that that should be the standard and that is that the standard that was the standard in the case of bill clinton or $100.00 jumps in the previous letter to the president as a result a lot of things. i think it's wonderful many that you're researching what the founding fathers have said but the constitution and the laws about based on what what people today say it is ok and how the representative who decided i crimes and misdemeanors if president obama in 2012 had asked ukrainians to find dirt on mitt romney or a romney child in exchange for u.s. military aid do you think the republicans were being ok with that they wouldn't even peter brock obama seriously i don't know if they would have impeach him it's a really big hypothetical but what if i don't want to go we know they got off to
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hillary clinton i'm being well see one of them talking about teaching hillary clinton for benghazi one of the things that the trump people in the president have alleged is that obama and his administration officials essentially asked the ukraine to find dirt on the president's campaign manager and to drop some of those bombshells in the middle of the election and that's now we don't know if that happened or not but they feel ledge that to have happened and that he also is alleged that he was spied on by the obama administration or potentially foreign intelligence agencies i don't know of a lot of our spying he lied about the tapping of phones that was a lie from the president's own justice department so there was no evidence of his why is being tapped as you know well again i haven't investigated all of it on the military public record all the department of justice says there was no topping of his phones that was a lie that's why he's never repeated it since that tweet in 2017 where he made that claim well again you should ask the white house about that i don't need to the department of justice has said that there was no tapping of the phones as
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a factor as. i have them on the show great ok but you were just making a claim i'm just correcting you it is not correct to say that i said that the president alleged that he was spied on and campaign officials allege they were split the problem i did not say whether it would have happened or not i repeat it of a full. allegation the problem with donald trump is he makes a lot of the repeated what the president has a letter saying it's true or not a green fine i'm saying well sure that it's. let me ask you this you say the trump makes allegations is the problem here if he makes so many false claims especially in defending himself he said that these. people testifying in congress he said that they never trump and by the way he calls never trump a human scum and he says that to bill taylor is a never trump a colonel alexander vincent is a never trump there's 0 evidence for that claim how could he be a never trump or if you look truly work in the administration. i do not know what the president knows about those individuals but what i know and what i've read
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about them are their exam proly exemplary public officials that have dedicated their life for service to america i'm not going to criticize them i do know pete people that know ambassador taylor they say he's a man of great integrity but they're not in the room for that i'm going to word but they're not never told that i was not at that event i'm not aware of what the president but i have no evidence that they're so it's a filter job motivated by anything by the so it's a full i have no evidence to accuse them of anything improper so. you would think so chris we agree you have no evidence i have no there's nobody has any evidence when you make a claim against someone without any evidence that's called a false would trump falsely accused of being never trouble about any evidence again i don't know. again you've got to ask the president these questions because i don't know what he knows and why he's making the allegation but from what i know i think that there are upstanding public servants and they saw something they didn't think was right but as far as you're aware that are inevitable because again i haven't
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investigated but i haven't seen anything that would if it's i mean come on this is a very old defense anytime someone says anything you don't have to have an investigation if i say today you're a democrat and you say you're not i can say well i don't know they haven't seen any evidence that's not how it works the burden is on me making the accusation to support my accusation trump doesn't do that he falsely smears anyone he doesn't like a scum as never trump has a deep state that's wrong you can say that you don't speak for trump what do you say that's well actually i don't think he ever called them but he called never trumpeting the no chris he will never let your scum and i call them never trump and so that by definition he's calling the hey i told you that i don't agree with everything the president does or says when i told you that i disagree with this particular characterization based on the information i know and i said if you really want to know the white house asked them i'm up there representative form a trump chief of staff john kelly said a few days ago that he told the. and before he quit the white house last year that if trump hired a yes man as his next chief of staff he'd end up getting impeached which is exactly
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what's happening now of course but what does it say about this president that so many people around him speak about him and to him as if he's a child that he needs hand-holding needs boundaries we need saving from himself you know he's been named the toddler in chief. well i've always found in my conversations with him i could be quite frank and he does take constructive criticism i don't work for him i'm not there at the white house so i'm not privy to the ongoing i have been told by people through a number of years that people give him a lot of feedback and disagreements privately he's very open to that privately i think what he disagrees is where he's has someone on his staff that they publicly disagree i think any leader would have a problem with that but i think he's he people forget he ultimately decides all of these things even if he even i'm sure john kelly gave him a lot of constructive criticism and the president decided many times against that
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advice i do think that the president is well served when he has advice and feedback i think congress has a vital role to play with but any but it doesn't it doesn't have to have a feed back his press secretary stephanie grisham said john kelly was quote totally on equipped to handle the genius of our great president this is chairman kevin stuff he's surrounded by sycophants i hope you're not one of them well. i'm a friend of his i support him i think he's doing a great job but i also will have disagreements with him and i'll let a member of the press and i will share those concerns both privately and publicly chris reddy thanks for joining me on outfront. glad to be here. after losing all of its territory and most of its fighters i sill is now also lost its leader so is the death of abu bakr or baghdad in the final blow although we can group manage to survive and continue to pursue its murderous and to prize to
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discuss this i'm joined by 2 experts in the field jessica stern a research professor at boston university and co-author of isis the state of terror and has a director at the center for global policy and co-author of ice is inside the army of tara thank you both for joining me in the arena somewhat donald trump announced by daddy's death on sunday in his usual way he boasted about it and he claimed that he had taken down someone bigger even than asama been large and you said afterwards in an op ed for the new york times that trouble might be right even if it's for the wrong reasons for once he might have a point why well because operationally can enough but. it can be more destructive far more destructive than the killing of osama bin laden because remember when the summer blood was kaluta than live in those 10 years after 911 he was already kind of far removed from there was going into pakistan in a compound exactly far removed from the day to day reality of that but he wasn't as his killer was not as destructive as the killing of today you're saying but he was
11:40 pm
controlling isis other data there was a man who was commanding the organization very closely he was meeting with his commanders and shape in the direction of the organization jessica you also wrote a new york times op ed this week and you said that while you recognize the importance of baghdad you to eisele you said quote jihadi leaders and even jihadi groups come and go the u.s. general in charge of central command seems to agree with you he said this week we don't see a bloodless future because unfortunately this ideology is going to be out there is this a case of an ideology being more important than the man or even the organization itself. i think so i mean i do think that the killing of bug was in fact very significant he was there really truly evil man and he killed so many people in such a gruesome brutal way but nonetheless there is there there are many groups they keep splitting they keep merging and it is an ideology that has been
11:41 pm
going on for quite some time and apparently. will continue for some time and you said this week that if the u.s. and its allies failed to put pressure on eisel now there was quote a risk of still quickly seizing on this vacuum in syria and iraq are you trying to say that donald trump should be sending more troops to syria in iraq rather than pulling troops out he should be intensifying the military effort against this group in favor of american troops stay in and syria the whole debate about whether american troops there were no not should not start now when the americans decided to intervene on behalf of whoever in iraq and syria to fight this organization that the end goal should have been. after the defeat of this organization and you stay there until you make sure that is holy to be defeated properly defeated and instead of 100 over these areas to the likes of the soul and so forth you make sure we see
11:42 pm
your this situation in 2 pieces jessica how many of the socio economic factors the sectarian divisions that allowed eisel to flourish in places like iraq and how much of those factors are still around today i mean we have in iraq right now protests against the government massive corruption security forces shooting people dead in the streets how worried are you that the conditions are still ripe for another eisel for eisel 2.013.0 i don't want to define it. i think they are right i think you know we know that some of the risk factors for terrorism include lots of young men who are unemployed or underemployed sectarian tension sectarian conflict sectarian war and yes we we see that used to work in government back in the day if you were advising donald trump today what would you be telling him to do. i'm i'm i'm not sure we're going to be able to defeat this movement but i do think though
11:43 pm
that we do need to be very careful about how we leave we yes maybe we need to leave over time we cannot solve all these problems clearly we often make them worse but if we leave in a precipitous way leaving our allies whom we've worked with very closely who are dependent on us completely vulnerable that strikes me as a grave error just like you just mentioned the rather depressing point they're imposing the she doesn't think a group like this or the ideology at least underpinning the group can ever be defeated to share the view. i think the main problem today is the conflicts jihadism an excuse thrive in 2 things conflicts authoritarianism in the region the problem with others though will always go after the disease of sort of the symptoms and leave the disease the disease is all the same the disease isn't just conflict it's the ideology it's radical islam to quote the president of united states where do you stumble not to be ideology comes after if you're fighting someone like the
11:44 pm
regime of bashar assad or someone like bashar assad then jihadism provides a way for recruitment the whole justification after the fight exact out of fights as well before you would say the dealing with the diseases dealing with the conflicts in the region precisely which which they have just would you share that view i do actually i'm very much of the view that ideology is often a a branding device more than then it is something emerging it's not the reason for the problem it's that it is the branding for a fight. has much more to do with with the underlying. sectarian tensions and authoritarian regimes what i'm suggesting however that i don't believe the us can defeat this proper fix this problem i. it's quite clear that we. we often make things worse and. this
11:45 pm
week announced a new leader a replacement for baghdad who they're calling the new emir. what do you think his life expectancy is looking like right now well the source for we don't know anything about this the his nickname or the. doesn't really narrow things down very small number of people nor the people at the top of the helm of isis who selected him i don't think anybody within or below them would know the iraq is probably would take some time to know who he is and that's when you start to trace them down and how worried should people at home be that in the wake of baghdad's death is it going to hurt the group and they get undermined and they kind of lose more all or is there a sense of we're going to take revenge attacks we've lost our territory lost our leader we're going to mount attacks in paris talk or new delhi or washington d.c. i think most certainly they would try to wage a campaign of revenge his decapitation is not the end of fall for isis obviously
11:46 pm
they were going as a nation has been there before twice actually a very critical time 20062010. and they survived the other think with the announcement this week of the 2 the new emir and his spokesperson it seems like they handle the transition very well and it really depends on the organization itself and whether the americans can go after these leaders more and more and keep the pressure but not know we'll leave it there just has an outsider thank you both for joining me in the arena that's our show up front will be back next week. in the land of the free the cost of medication is killing people this particular pill is going to be anywhere from $800.00 to $1100.00 and citizens are desperate entire bus load of americans coming to wal-mart in canada to buy insulin because just where they can afford it faultlines investigates the spiraling costs of
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prescription drugs in the usa i will have to make a decision as to when to stop treatment and choose to die so that i can leave my husband with enough the cost of living on a. november on al-jazeera planet s.o.s. returns with a new series to sit out the facts and the science behind the climate and ecological crisis affecting our planet. spain will hold its 4th election in 4 years after 8 inconclusive vote join us for coverage. a new series brings people together to discuss some of the big issues of our time turkish president aragon will meet with u.s. president donald trump at the white house we'll bring you the latest and exiled explores the historical context of the regime the crisis and the increasing violence in mayan moslem rock einstein 8. november on.
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why injections of the world beaches and the sport of sport. from some of the top players themselves. into the next fun to watch us play because we focus on skillful and hard challenges shock. al-jazeera world examines why egyptians dominate the sport egypt squash champions on al-jazeera. and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes more than a dozen people are dead after a car bombing syria taki border with fears that the worst violence in the area is
11:49 pm
yet to come. to gas canisters a fire at a protest as the 22nd week of protests in hong kong descends into chaos. and violence in chile a as thousands of protesters keep up the pressure on the government. not in school south africa. when the rugby world cup seek lisi becoming the 1st black can't seem to lift the trophy it's his country climatology for us so it's. a car bomb in the northern syrian town of god has killed at least 13 people about 20 others were injured in the attack which took place near a market the turkish held town has seen several bombings since i'm crowd began its cross border offensive last month while our correspondent live for us and china
11:50 pm
that's near the syrian border i know that this attack took place very recently what do we know at this stage. nastasia local sources in tel aviv told us that the car was packed with explosives and was we noted detonated in a crowded area and this explains the high death casualties and also this the those injured including many children who were injured or killed in the explosion now there's been no claim of responsibility of the attack by the turkish ministry of defense has and now it has denounced the at and said that this was the work of the white b.g. which is the main group within the. dia with there's been a series of explosions over the last few weeks in different parts of the area that came under the control of the turkish backed syrian opposition s n a particularly in the area that stretches from. to date and this explains the huge
11:51 pm
challenges that the turkish government and the syrian main opposition faction the s.n.a. would face in the coming days ahead in those areas i've been in touch with people there and they basically was saying that they were in the midst of trying to set up their local councils because we're talking about a new territory those being punk words for the syrian opposition who are trying to set up local councils and provide security and this explosion today is a real indication of the problems ahead now when you look at the situation across the country this isn't the only place where there's been problems. west in live fighting is underway in different parts of the of the of the province amid a surge by the syrian government to take over the last remaining stronghold of the syrian opposition as we're going to see in this report.
11:52 pm
hardly a day goes by without strikes or glasses on the ground the province in northern syria is controlled by rebel forces opposed to president bashar assad thanks the main group operating in the area is hate at. h.t.s. . it's opposes talks with the government and its fighters are deployed south near hansei horn where government troops are on the offensive a few days ago president bashar al assad made a surprise visit to newly captured territory south of it live reinforcements are pouring into the area and for the 3 and a half 1000000 people living there the buildup is a sign that war fighting is imminent and a new one if that iraq regime is going to end its aim to move its troops to a position territory and recapture it he's using the same tactic that helped him take over homes and there are further north not far from the battlefield it's
11:53 pm
another relatively quiet day in s. him a village south of it live city this is where i was born 9 years ago his only known life in a war zone he goes to school in the morning and then spends long hours in the afternoon collecting firewood ahead of the harsh winter when temperatures can fall below 0 a little him is one of hundreds of thousands of children in syria who have been traumatized by the war. i'm happy as long as my brothers uncles and relatives are still alive. but if any one of them or our neighbors got killed in airstrikes i will be set people in villages in the south of it planning to evacuate if government troops launched an offensive in the past could lead to rebel held territory but this time they have nowhere to go. the
11:54 pm
car explosion in tel of the other was the latest in a series of similar style using different areas on the border with turkey. freeing. and also. and this is going to those who use such as is for turkey which is now starting the joint patrols with russia with the aim of securing the whole area that's where she is from jobless all the way to maliki on the border with iraq now the accusation by the turkish military this is what this was the work of the wife is something which is most likely go into further later on us collation in those areas because the joint patrols with starts going deeper into the dia only into the safe zone the potential for them to clash with the white kids the fighters is there. they want to. have some of their life. thank you. iraq's anti-government protests are growing
11:55 pm
lancia more people to the streets of baghdad on friday and any day since the downfall of saddam hussein they're being driven by anger at corruption lack of public services and unemployment 250 people have been killed in the past month alone while protests have also started up again and basra matushka name has been. now in the city of basra it looks like their protests are blocking operations of critical utilities local sources are telling us that protesters and security forces in basra have been fighting in front of the room a hoss or port since last evening there was a sit in there and. we understand protesters had been blocking the entrance and hole to operations forward to the port for about 6 days security forces came in cleared the sit in and that's when local sources told us about 100 people were
11:56 pm
injured some of them seriously protesters remain there carrying signs that say iran out of iraq you affairs another one a sign being seen is. the iraqi government made by iran protesters are upset they say that the ports revenue is being diverted away from their city and leaving them with 4 basic services now just one person has been killed in gaza after israel launched as strikes on science it says a link to hamas the group that controls the strip health officials in gaza say 2 other people have also been injured israel says it was responding to 10 rockets were fired from the palestinian territory. oh police in hong kong have used tear gas and water cannons to disperse thousands of people rallying for the 22nd just straight weekend windows was smashed at the hong kong office of china's news agency prominent activist had called for 100000 people to launch on saturday the protests
11:57 pm
began over proposed changes to extradition laws that have since been scrapped but have now grown into a movement against what's seen as beijing's increasing influence of hollande has more from hong kong. well this is exactly what the police did not want they cleared this area hours ago from protesters using tear gas and pepper say spray sending protesters dispersing their did up in the heart of prime constancia district setting up barricades there once again taking over the streets since then police have again fired tear gas arrested people but the protesters have come back here this has been the scene of most weekends this is how the protesters have been operating with the philosophy rewards are now this week protesters are angry about the fact that they say hong kong only democratic process the legislative council elections has been interfered with with a jew from beijing they say the disqualification of democracy icon joshua wong from
11:58 pm
the legislative council elections is politically motivated and shows that hong kong's autonomy and freedom is being squeezed at least $53.00 soldiers and one civilian have been killed in an attack on a military base in northeastern mali it happened as an outpost in the uk a region no group has yet tamed responsibility our correspondent has reported extensively in the region and he talks through the security challenges in. it's very clear that the the campaign that has been going on for years actually since 2012 has has failed to to finish those groups there despite the convergence of thousands and thousands of to 5000 you have mentioned from the g 5 countries. including mali and 4 other side held countries you have thousands from france and you and house of sort of big existence there are u.n.
11:59 pm
peacekeepers despite those efforts despite those armies it's very clear that that campaign has not given the results that were intended and that's probably causing too analysts because the intention itself in many accuse those troops of not really being there only to finish that phenomenon of so-called terrorism in the region but also countries have interests they have interest in staying there for a long time and coordination with them ali in government also is faltering because they accuse the modern government of not doing its share we have seen those defeats after defeats by them against a mali an army accusations there that whatever is give whatever is done whatever help is given to the modern army it's not making this army prepared enough to face the threat we also have their vast desert the fact that those thousands and thousands of kilometers of the south hell are uncontrollable those troops or saw from foreign countries are not really going out chasing those groups but merely
12:00 am
staying in big cities and mainly concerned about their own safety so lots of interested factors they're playing a role in making this operation very difficult and making it less fruitful. anti-government demonstrations in lebanon are coming down on friday banks are open for the 1st time in 2 weeks but there are some restrictions on foreign currency transactions schools and universities also reopened their doors the commander in chief of iran's influential revolutionary guards made a veiled reference to those protests in lebanon major general hussein salami seemed to hit back at criticism over iran's influence in iraq and lebanon you know if. iran does not have an eye on any country we will extend our power to the point that if any enemy wants to use a location to attack iran we will destroy that location so our reaches beyond our own borders meaning that we will.


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